The company

We are an auditing firm with a well-knit crew of ten colleagues stationed in our office in Södermalm, central Stockholm. Our staff includes authorized and approved accountants and also authorized accounting consultants. We have around 1000 clients, mainly owner-managed businesses and associations.

Since we started operations, our goal has been to combine professionalism and competence with personal commitment. It is important that our clients see us as qualified advisors and trustworthy associates. We work both as sparring partners and as independent auditors.

As a small auditing firm, we work in closer and more consistent contact with the client. Through our network with tax consultants, banks, law firms, insurance brokers and accounting consultants we add expertise in fields outside our own. This enables us to assist our clients with their everyday business problems.

We have built an auditing firm focusing on customer contact and personal commitment and our business relations are based on mutual confidence and respect.

We look to the future with optimism The statutory audit will be abolished in the near future but auditing will remain the best guarantee for consistent financial reporting for companies and we have confidence in our good customer relations.
In the international sphere, we are members of IAC, (International Accountants Consortium). For us, this cooperation started in 1992 and means that we maintain continuous personal contact with colleagues in other countries, which simplifies communication in various international contexts for our clients.